Re: Sammy's diskio routines

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 04/20/03

On 03-04-21 00.18, "Carlos Myers" <farix@CITYNET.NET> wrote:

> While updating some old patches I had when I was experimenting with
> CircleMUD two years ago, I began wondering why Sammy originally wrote a new
> diskio routines for his ASCII Pfile patch.  I remember it being discussed
> once on the mailing list, but I can't seem to find the messages in the
> archives.
> I'm mainly curious of any advantages Sammy's diskio routines provide over
> the standard diskio routines used everywhere else.

I am not entirely sure. But could it have to do with porting to Windows? I
think that some of the diskio routines don't work straight out of the box
for Windows, but maybe that's not it. Just a shot in the dark.


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