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From: Dave Robbins (
Date: 04/20/03

On Sun, 20 Apr 2003, Anthony Goins wrote:

> Why am I doing this? So I can allow people to knock down walls. What if
> someone is out in the woods and they are blocked by bushes and stuff?
> Would they just walk away because they can't knock the bushes out? I doubt
> that. They can kill dragons I bet they could make a path. :p

Interesting Idea. Although it left me wondering if the room descriptions
would change to reflect the cleared bushes? In other words, after someone
clears the path will it be cleared for all others that come through that
room? Or would they have to clear the bushes also?

How would one go about implementing room descriptions that can change on
the fly via char interaction?

Great ideas though :)

Dave Robbins

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