Re: extract_char_final/eq duping

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/25/03

> Has anyone had trouble with eq duping when a character dies?  I have a
> circle3.0 bpl18, some parts upgraded to 3.1 with Oasis 2.0, DG scripts
> 9, copyover patch, ascii pfiles/objfiles.  Often, when a character dies,
> they reenter the game both with a corpse and the equipment still on the
> body.
> What I think is happening is that the character dies, the corpse is
> made, extracted, but then reenters the game during nanny() before
> extract_char_final is called in heartbeat through extract_pending.
> Thus, the character hasn't had its eq dumped.  Should i just call
> Crash_delete_crashfile(ch); in raw_kill when a character dies?  It seems
> to be a problem with stock circle, but maybe I have missed something...
        Chances are if you're using the ascii xapobjs, it's probably due
to a difference between the new delayed-death issue and the previous death
procedure. Your analysis seems to be spot on.  I'd add the call to either
delete the crashfile, or save the character with no inventory.

        This code seems to work as expected without the ascii objects, so
I don't think it's a stock bug.  I could be wrong.


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