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From: Templar Viper (
Date: 05/09/03

From: "Jarhad Idanno" <>
> --- Templar Viper <templarviper@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >I'm running Circlemud 3.1 with Oasisolc, ascii player files and more on a
> >redhat 8.0 machine. I have some problems with file permissions however.
> >Sometimes after a copyover/reboot after a compile, the muds boots fine,
> >but when I try to log in, the mud complains it can't read the player
> Hi Templar Viper,
> actually your problem has nothing to do with file permissions on your OS.
I also encountered this problem some time back.
> It seems that after someone receives mail, his name in the player_table is
capitalized (until now I still can't locate the code that does this), but
since the name of the pfile is stored in small letters, of course the system
won't be able to open the capitalized file since it doesn't exist.
> My solution was rather simple.  In db.c, under load_char:
>   <Snippet>

Doh.. This solved my problem. As I am usually developing and debugging on
a cygwin machine, and since Windows doesn't care whether a letter is capital
or not, I couldn't figure out this was more of a code problem. Thanks for

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