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From: Andrew Kir (ykir@online.sinor.ru)
Date: 05/11/03

DR> On Sun, 11 May 2003 16:43:11 +0700, Хедин Познавший Тьму wrote
>> Concerning KDevelop.. could you please help me compile Circle under
>> it? I created project and writed makefile (i have manually-edited
>> one, and my configure doesn't suit due to changes in files). when I press
>> build there is a lot of messages (something about prerequisites for
>> makefile). then a lot of errors (concerning destroying children :))
>> and stop. what am i doing wrong? explain it to a Linux - newbie :-).

DR> Well I've never used Kdevelop myself (as I stated in my post) but I would
DR> imagine you should open the project and not create one...because its already
DR> an existing project. When you made a new project with the makefile Kdevelop
DR> doesnt know that the rest of the CircleMUD files exits or where to find them.
DR> So it thinks your referencing all of these non-existent files.

But I cannot open a project! The project is a special file which is
created by pressing new project button, I have chosen "Custom project"
(equal to empty) and added files there.

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