[SNIPPET] Sea Warfare, the beginning

From: Tristan Haynes (natsirt86@yahoo.com)
Date: 05/17/03

I've created a basic snippet of a piece of code i've been creating. Its my own "vehicles". They are ships that sail on the ocean though, it fits in with my theme. Its way different then the spec_procs vehicles, and alot better I think. I just wanted some comments, suggestions, testers for it. I've posted the current version of it on my webspace, anyone is free to download it and use it, comment on it, do whatever with it as long as ya give me credit.


To me its a work of art, to others its prolly a messy piece of code or something. But hey, at least im willing to share. :)

Tristan Haynes (natsirt86@yahoo.com)
Raziel Elerien (sse.wolfpaw.net 2671)

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