Problem to solve

From: Tseran (
Date: 05/18/03

I have set up an overhead mapping system, and now I want to add a
little more realism to the system.  To that effect, I want to make it
so that if certain sectors are designated as 'blocking' (like forests
and mountains) you can't see the sectors behind them.  I want to make
it so that it will cast a 'shadow' depending on location.  For example,
if you get right up beside a blocked sector, it will 'fog' 1/4 of the
map, and when you get further away, it lets you see more around it.
However, I am wondering how to do this.  The best way I can think of is
to do a test to see if there are any 'blocking' sectors between the one
you are in and the one you are trying to 'see'.  Any ideas?

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