Server and Network Sizing

From: Ken Ray (
Date: 05/21/03

I am about to go live with a new mud, and want to make sure the hardware and
network capacity will be adequate.  Initially, there will be less than 10
people while we finish off development and building, but eventually we could
have more people online at once.

So, will my server be adequate?  It is (currently) an AMD K6-2 350MHz
processor, 198Meg memory running RedHat Linux 8.0.  Nothing else will be
running on the server.  Disk is probably not an issue, but it is a 20GB IDE
drive.  Network will be initially a 512k x 512k business class cable modem
connection, to be upgraded to 1M x 1M.  The mud is Circle 3.1, Oasis, DG
scripts, ascii pfiles, and some other pretty standard code enhancements.

Any thoughts on that configuration?  I know there are many other factors,
but I want to know now if I am being over-optimistic.


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