Re: How do I get rid of !!!!OVERFLOW!!!!'s

From: Kurt Grittner (
Date: 05/27/03

5/27/03 1:01:17 PM, Carlton Colter <carlton@COLTER.COM> wrote:

>I was hoping there was some way I could change the page_string or
>perform_rlist function so when there is an overflow... it sends it in sets
>or something... Something where it just avoids overflowing...
>Dunno.... myabe I am going about it wrong... but I just wanted it to work
>better... ;)

Hi Carlton,

If you really, really want this to be unlimited, you have to chain large buffers together; or alternatively, you could refill the single large buffer from a temporary file in a transparent manner.  There were several subtle bugs
in the buffer handling (which are now fixed), so if you attempt this you should do alot of testing, especially exactly filling the buffer, or filling it plus one character, etc.


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