hello (also, where are player files written)

From: christopher j bottaro (cjb@cs.utexas.edu)
Date: 05/29/03

i'm hacking up circlemud-3.1 just for fun.  maybe getting a few others to play
around with it also, certainly not hoping or striving for a serious, playable
mud...but if it goes in that direction, cool.

anyways, where are player's read/written to the playerfile?  i've implemented
custom (user defined) colors, and now i need find where to write the player's
color prefs.  i'm trying not to corrupt the playerfile, so my approach is to
see when/where the playerfile is read/written to, and just open up the
player's color pref file and read/write to it.

thanks for the help,
-- christopher

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