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The CircleMUD Builder's Manual

Jeremy Elson,

Revision 1.14, 30 September 1996, for CircleMUD 3.00

This document describes how to create CircleMUD areas, and specifies the file formats for worlds, mobiles, objects, shops, and zones, as well as providing examples of each. All information necessary to build worlds can be found in this document. The intended audience is world builders interested in creating new worlds, implementors who need to decode existing world files, and coders extending the current world specification. Thanks to Jeff Fink (Teker) for documenting the shop format (as well as for submitting the shop code itself!), and Alex Fletcher (Furry) for writing parts of the Introduction. More information about CircleMUD, including up-to-date versions of this documentation in ASCII and Postscript, can be found at the CircleMUD Home Page or FTP site.

1. Introduction

2. The Mechanics of World Building

3. World (Room) Files

4. Mobile (Monster) Files

5. Object Files

6. Zone Files

7. Shop Files


8. Spell Numbers

9. Item Values for Drink Containers

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