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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Circle DikuMud with Answers

Alex Fletcher,

Revision 2.6, 28 August 1998

This file is intended to cover common questions related to the CircleMUD distributon source by Jeremy Elson and not general DikuMud questions. Any contributions and corrections are more than welcome. It is currently maintained by Alex Fletcher (aka Furry). Please direct corrections to this address. The original author was Ryan Watkins (aka VampLestat). More information about CircleMUD, including up-to-date versions of this documentation in ASCII and Postscript, can be found at the CircleMUD Home Page or FTP site.

1. Introduction

2. Resources

3. Compiling CircleMUD

4. Running CircleMUD

5. Code Changes for CircleMUD 2.20

6. CircleMUD 3.0 Questions

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