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The Art of Debugging

Michael Chastain

The following documentation is excerpted from Merc 2.0's hacker.txt file. It was written by Furey of MERC Industries and is included here with his permission. I've packaged it with Circle (very slightly changed in a couple of places, such as specific filenames) because it offers good advice and insight into the art and science of software engineering. More information about CircleMUD, including up-to-date versions of this documentation in ASCII and Postscript, can be found at the CircleMUD Home Page or FTP site.

1. ``I'm running a Mud so I can learn C programming!''

2. How to Learn in the First Place

3. Basic Unix Tools

4. Debugging: Theory

5. Debugging: Tools

6. Profiling

7. Books for Serious Programmers

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