The C++ Programming Language


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The C++ Programming Language

Your Instructor

Homework Solution 1: stack.h

Homework Solution 1:

Homework Solution 1:

Homework Solution 2: stack.h

Homework Solution 2:

Homework Solution 2:

Homework Solution 2:

Homework Solution 2:

Calling By Reference

Call By Reference Example

Avoiding the Preprocessor

Traditional Preprocessor Usage

Defining Numeric Constants

Enumerating Symbolic Constants

Avoiding Function Call Overhead

C++ Inline Functions

Type-independent Code

Problems With the C Version

The C++ Solution: Templates

Template Example

The Preprocessor Is Not Evil


Inheritance Example

Properties of Subclasses

More on Inheritance

Using Your Parents

Pointers to Subclasses

Virtual Functions

Virtual Functions: Syntax

Virtual Functions: C Example

Virtual Functions: C++ Version

Abstract Base Classes

Abstract Base Classes: Example

Abstract Base Classes: Syntax

Pure Virtual Functions


Homework: Example Code

Author: Jeremy Elson


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