The C++ Programming Language


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Table of Contents

The C++ Programming Language

Your Instructor

Friend Functions

Friends: Syntax

Static Members

Static Data: Example

Access Control: Review

More on Access Control

Access Control Example: Part 1

Access Control Example: Part 2

Access Control Example: Part 3

Multiple Inheritance

Multiple Inheritance Example

Multiple Inheritance: Ambiguity

More Ambiguity

Multiple Inheritance: Syntax

Constructors with Inheritance

Constructors with Inheritance

Constructors of Members

Getting Around Initializers

Contrived Constructor Example

Properties of Constructors

Properties of Destructors

Constructors as Type Conversions

Typecasting and Conversions

More User-Defined Conversions

Copy Constructors

Shallow vs. Deep Copies: Example

Shallow Copies

Deep Copies

Copy Constructor Example


Course Evaluations

Author: Jeremy Elson


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