December 23-26: Tucson, AZ (personal travel)
December 8-11: Boston, MA (presenting at OSDI 2002)
November 27-December 1: Bethesda, MD (Thanksgiving, personal travel)
October 30: Berkeley, CA (presenting at NEST lab meeting, Soda hall)
October 27-29: Princeton, NJ (presenting at Hotnets-I)
October 5-9: Bethesda, MD (NIH work)
September 25: Los Altos, CA (Radiance)
September 14-20: Freiburg, Germany (presenting at ICCD 2002) and Zurich, Switzerland (presenting at ETH)
September 5-6: Pasadena, CA (presenting at IEEE CAS workshop)
August 26-30: Fort Leonard Wood, MO (Sensoria, SHM demo part 2)
August 19-23: Fort Leonard Wood, MO (Sensoria, SHM demo part 1)
August 2-11: Lake George, NY (personal travel)
July 6-11: Boston, MA and Bar Harbor, ME (UCLA--NEST PI meeting and demo)
June 14-20: Shanghai and Beijing, China (personal travel)
April 18-23: New York City (personal travel--DR's birthday)
April 10: Los Altos, CA (Radiance)
March 24-28: Fort Leonard Wood, MO (Sensoria, SHM demo with live rockets)
February 22-23: San Diego, CA (personal travel)
February 10-13: Picatinny, NJ (Sensoria, SHM comm unit demo)

December 5: Los Altos, CA (Radiance)
November 21-25: Bethesda, MD (Thanksgiving)
November 11-13: Twentynine Palms, CA (UCLA--SensIT demo at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center)
October 5-7: Ocean City, New Jersey (Gina's wedding)
September 7: UC Berkeley (Meeting with Culler's group)
September 6: Los Altos, CA (Radiance)
July 28-August 5: Lake George, NY (personal travel)
May 17-21: Washington DC (personal travel)
May 16: San Jose (NetApp)
April 26-27: San Francisco (presenting at IPDPS 2001)
April 17-18: Mesa, AZ (presenting at ICDCS 2001)
March 20: San Jose (Coulera)
Feb 16: San Jose (Coulera)
Jan 25: San Jose (Network Appliance, 2nd iCAP Forum)

December 23-26: Tucson, AZ (personal travel)
December 6: San Jose (Coulera)
November 28-30: Reston, VA (PTTI 2000)
November 23-27: Washington, DC (personal travel + NIH consulting)
November 13-14: Las Vegas (personal travel, some Comdex 2000)
October 19: San Jose (Coulera)
October 16-18: Captiva Island, Florida (presenting at CCW 2000)
August 26: San Jose (PD's birthday bash)
August 4-13: Lake George, NY (personal travel)
June 19-20: Lake Tahoe (UC Berkeley Endeavour retreat)
May 9: Las Vegas (Network Appliance, (small) iCAP presentation at Networld+Interop)
April 21-23: Mexico on the Viking Serenade (personal travel - DR's birthday)
March 25-28: Washington, DC (NIH consulting)
March 15-16: San Francisco (Intel Computing Continuum Conference 2000)
March 6: San Jose (Aikita)
February 14: San Jose (presenting at 1st Annual iCAP Forum)
February 7-8: Goat Rock, CA (SCADDS/Berkeley/Wash technical retreat)
January 17: San Jose (Aikita)