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Making FUSD Part of the Kernel Proper

The earlier instructions, by default, create a FUSD kernel module. If desired, it's also very easy to build FUSD right into the kernel, instead:

  1. Unpack the 2.4 kernel sources and copy all the files in the include and kfusd directories into your kernel source tree, under drivers/char. For example, if FUSD is in your home directory, and your kernel is in /usr/src/linux:
            cp ~/fusd/kfusd/* ~/fusd/include/* /usr/src/linux/drivers/char

  2. Apply the patch found in FUSD's patches directory to your kernel source tree. For example:
            cd /usr/src/linux
            patch -p0 < ~/fusd/patches/fusd-inkernel.patch
    The FUSD in-kernel patch doesn't actually change any kernel sources proper; it just adds FUSD to the kernel configuration menu and Makefile.
  3. Using your kernel configurator of choice (e.g. make menuconfig), turn on the FUSD options. It will be under the ``Character devices'' menu.
  4. Build and install the kernel as usual.

Jeremy Elson 2003-08-20