New Directions in Network Intrusion Detection


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New Directions in Network Intrusion Detection

does security matter?

when will it matter?

houston, we have a problem...

system vulnerabilities

security incidents reported to CERT

who is the enemy?


publish or perish or, good help is not hard to find

the never-ending game

the rest of my talk

securing your system the quick & easy way

firewalls (not as good as bolt cutters, but…)

typical firewall setup

the firewall setup

firewall politics

big brother is watching

thoughts on bro

subverting bro (we’ll start with the easy ones)

reconstructing flows

fun with fragments

more fragment fun


is bro useless?

the reverse approach

the immune system

getting to know yourself

applying the method

system call traces

database in training

the normal database



related work

bringing it all together

my idea

more on my idea

problems with my idea

that’s all, folks!

backup slides for answering questions

it hasn’t leveled off

the smurf attack

buffer overflows on the stack

buffer overflows on the stack

Author: Jeremy Elson


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