Re: Unconnected Thoughts

From: Ian Verschuren (
Date: 01/29/94

Here is what I would suggest for you to do... look at the way a class is set up
then copy EVERYTHING and create a new class that is identical to the onc you
just copeid.. from there, you can start to add little changes etc..
you will find that spells etc are very easy to create, once you get
the general format i there.. (i just put infravision on my mud just now,
since it was annoying me always having to hold alight. we also have multi-
attacks .etc.. and movement and mana gain for every class...
the coorrect format to add stuf fin limits .c
is add_move+=number(xx,yy);
for adding a randonm number of moves between xx and yy
you can get more complicated and take other things into account etc...
but.. why bother :)
be patient with the code.. play with it a lot..
I recomplie my code at least 10 times  every day ...
and.. don't forget it's easiest to do things by example, so look for similar
things that might already exist
(for example, I wanted to create a teleport spell, so I used the summon
code and changed it around a little)
good luck,
(ionic on AbsolutMud)

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