Re: Addclass.doc and other stuff

From: Simran R. Kumar (srk4@po.CWRU.Edu)
Date: 01/29/94


>I can provide you with the stuff I have gleaned from the code. 
>	In the last mail by Ian Verschuren, he stated he has put in multi-attacks
>and other things. I guess this could be relayed to him, but to anyone else who has
>added other skills as well: Would anyone mind either mailing me, or posting a few
>new warrior skills? I have installed about 40+ new spells, and would be willing to 

>	Enough of my preaching. If someone, anyone could set me up with just a 
>second attack for a warrior skill I would be mucho gracias. Skills are the one 
>thing that I *haven't* gotten into; It seems that I just don't get around to 
>them. Also if anyone is interested in converting the mana-based magic system to
>a spell-point system, let me know.. Thanks for your time.   Brett@Legends...

Yeah, we have added multi attack (double and quad) for fighters.  We also
have a multi-kick for fighters.

We've got some spec_procs for a mob who seeks PKLLERS and kills them. 
As far as spells, we've added HASTE, INFRAVISION, NUCLEAR BLAST (a zone
affect spell that's still a tad buggy).

We've also added a casino (including Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker [from
FredMUD source]).

We'd be interested in trading spells, skills, spec_procs, etc.  
E-Mail one or more of the following: (Ace)  (Ian) (Ace) (Ian) (da MUD)

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