IR Bits (was "Unconnected Thoughts")

From: Danny Baker (
Date: 01/29/94

 "Steppin' Razor" <> writes :

[stuff axed]

> Also, what is the
> deal with the infravision bit? Is it defined anywhere? We've been trying to
> imp that skill, but it just ain't happening.

[yet more axing]

> Giovanni

  I wrote to Giovanni about the IR bit earlier, but tonight will be the first
chance I've had to log in from home and poke through my copies of the Circle
tiny*s on my PC and actually say what the problem is... (which will happen
later on... still at work for a bit)
  The problem stems from a missing line in the AFF_ bits where IR is -
sometime back when Jeremy was still running Circle a line somehow got
deleted in the structs.h in the AFF bit declarations.  It's somewhere
before SNEAK and HIDE, and it shifts all the values down by one bit.  This
wouldn't have been such a big deal, but when I was reworking the tiny*.mob
at that time I didn't notice it, and set the MOB AFFs based on the wrong
bits.  I only noticed this problem earlier this year, and either have a
fixed .mob or the means to easily fix the AFFs, and will post these or
mail them to those interested, as well as mail a copy to Jeremy to put in
the Circle tar that's on ftp if he wants...
  Anyways, more on this later tonight...


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