Re: reworked

From: Simran R. Kumar (srk4@po.CWRU.Edu)
Date: 01/29/94

>I reworked my code ny starting over again from circle.
>all i have changed is as follows:
>1.  Put in the door lock/unlock things for immortals.
>2.  Altered the Syslog so a lower immort cant see a higher immort come in.
>3.  Made 36 the Highest Level.
>4.  If an area is chaotic, no pkill flag is given.
>By making it a 36 i changed the LEVEL_{whatever}
>in structs.h
>and fixed titles, and xp in constants.c
>i get these problems.
>1.  If i try to advance a person to 35 or 36 I get a segmentation fault error.


We made Absolut a 54 level MUD.  And we have a similar problem.
We can't have anyone at 53rd level.  If you try to adv someone to 54 it
says 'Ok.' but nothing happens.  So to adv someone to 54 you have to adv
them to 53.  We can adv to 52 just fine.  SO right now we have no 53rd

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