From: DM who is going (tense?) insane! (
Date: 01/31/94

>Oki, this may sound a little sily at first, but we are in the process of
>adding to the social list for the different emotions and so forth a     
>player is able to use.  The only question i have is this.  Is there
>anything I should be worried about.  By that I mean is there a limit
>to the numbers of socials one is able to have--I thought somewhere I
>might have seen something to this affect within the code but cannot
>recall if my memory is serving me correctly.  Just curious.

	Your memory is indeed serving you correct.
somewhere..not sure exact file...might be a header, constants.c,

there is something called maax commands.
it is 350.  i would suggest it.

Thanks in advance....


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