getting worse

From: Michael B. Gilliam (
Date: 02/02/94

Oki, I mentioned earlier that I was having problems with the md after
the addition I made of some zones and so forth.  I went through using
dbx and a great deal of time to findthe differnt little mistakes.
The mud now runs and loads all the mobs...there is now a greater problem
that seems to have occured.  If a player does a tell to a player not 
logged on *CRASH*! or if a wiz does where <mob> *CRASH*! or if a wiz
does vnum mob # *CRASH*!

I have made no changes to act.wizard, interperter.c, handler.c, act.comm.c
nor comm.c and those are the only files that I can think of that might
be involved in the above mentioned processes.  Would anyone else have
any possible ideas as to what might be happening?  and when I use dbx
on the core dump, those are the only files ever mentioned.

Bewildered and Frustrated


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