Snooping Bug....

From: R.E.F. (
Date: 02/03/94

	Well, you guessed it....Bug in snoop.  Anyway, it is not 
something that happens often, but here is what happens.  When an 
immortal switches with a mob, he becomes snoopable by a lower
immortal level because snoop checks the level of the switched body
as opposed to the actual level of the character.  This in itself
is no overwhelming problem.  However, when the imm returns to his
original body, the snoop still continues on the part of the lower

	Furthermore, should the higher level imm choose to snoop the
lower level (who is still snooping because he cannot perform a snoop 
to unsnoop what he should not be able to snoop in the first place) :)
it will create what I would say is a 'snoop loop'.  The machine does
not seem to like this seeing that the MUD goes into an endless 
loop that starts to hog up the resources of the host.

	As I said before, this does not happen often, but if it
does it send the MUD into a tailspin. Anyone else notice this 
problem before???  

Glenn @MissionMUD

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