Dikued and something new

From: Brett C Helgeson (bhelgeson@csc.Cornell-Iowa.edu)
Date: 02/06/94

	If you got my mail about the Dikueditor, please ignore it, it is 
taken care of. But now I have something new and (hopefully) exciting that
I think alot of people might be interested in.  I have never attempeted to
add another extra_bit to an Item, but I am going to try. I am attempting to
make items for certain classes only, so I am adding 5 flags, like ANTI_MAGE,
ANTI_BARD, etc, etc. I have already added them to constants.c, and am now
going through the files to find any other sources that I can alter.. If anyone
has already done this, could you either mail me or the server so I don't
forget anything? Thanks. 

PS- Is there a maximum number of spells and skills that can be added to Circle 2.2?

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