A Couple of Questions

Date: 02/07/94

Has anyone thought of adding a client to their MUD, such as tintin++ or
another such client.  This would enable you to control people's use of
the client (i.e. you could add it without the ability for multiple ports
or whatever you don't particularly like about tintin) I was wondering if
anyone had taken the time and effort to code this into their MUD and if
so could give some pointers on how it would be accomplished.
	I also was wondering if anyone had successfully added mounts to 
their MUD.  I have seen several Merc based mount codes and one was partic-
ularly interesting: the person had coded boats which fol'ed the group 
leader so that the who group could board. He also made areas that only big
boats could go, several underwater areas, etc. The mount also took some
of the damage from combat (and in the case of horses, and the like, they
joined in during combat).  It seemed amazing how much the mounts add to
a MUD.  If someone has successfully coded a mount system I am interested in
hearing about it.
	Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward from hearing
sorry, to hearing several replies on this subject :)


	Sean =]

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