question about adding a track_skill in 2.20
Date: 02/10/94

We run a 2.2 Circlemud and debugged a few things, we are now in the
process of removing the track command for all but warriors and want
to add a wand/potion/spell that allows a number of charges of a track
victim facility.

Wh have found the spells.h file and wanted to add the track-skill as
number 53, ie warrios skills are numbered from 50 to 52 now, but
53 is already in use as scroll identify. We cannot renumber the list
as our system is running and the fysical numbers are associated with
the mortal's abilities.

How can we solve this problem?

As we are new to this mailing list, we don't know of a FAQ or an
archive of previous contributions. Are there any ftp'able?

many thanks, Guido Witmond and Patrick van Logchem.
Guido M. Witmond
Student Computer and Information Science The Hague The Netherlands

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