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Date: 02/10/94

Hi! As a newby on the list I might disturbe some rules, but anyways:

I have an idea, which will add an interesting aspect to CirleMud. The
main idea is adding a treasure-type, which can be given to any object and
mobile in the game.

This treasure-idea came originally from Frank Tore Johanson's game CrossFire.

The implementation will do the following:
- every treasure assigned to an object/mobile will create a list of objects
- every object in the treasure needs a roll to appear in this list
- when the roll fails, a sub-treasure-list will be taken

The struct for the treasure will look something like this:

struct treasure {
	int			roll_needed;	/* minimum roll needed */
	struct object		*object;	/* create this */
	struct treasure		*next,		/* next in list */
				*succeded_next,	/* when roll succeded */
				*failed_next;	/* when roll failed */

..fairly straight-forward...

When included, this type will change alot in the game :
- almost all mobiles will carry objects
- mobiles won't always carry the same inventory
- treasure-chests are much more surprising ;-)
- editing mobile-inventory will be greatly improved
- etc

Please, give it a thought (perhaps implement it before the release of 3.0 ?).

Patrick (Thal) van Logchem (

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