Re: World files
Date: 02/10/94

Oh I see, we hope 3.0 has a better world file format.

The magical items in New Sparta, are a bit heavy for the relative low
characters that use it. So New Sparte has to be lowered a bit I

There is (or was) a bug in the shop file for new sparta.
Wally's Wonderful World of Magic (#21068) had only 4 items on its
items list, so the profit for sell and profit for buy fields got the
wrong data. This enabled you to sell for 2500 and buy for 300 coins.

I solved it by adding a item id of -1 in the shop list to make it
five items as it should.

Perhaps this is already known, in that case: Sorry, I'm new here.

A Question: is it possible to incorporate Dikumud worlds in Circle?

regards, Guido.
Guido M. Witmond
Student Computer and Information Science The Hague The Netherlands

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