Re: amiga users?

From: Roger Earl (
Date: 02/11/94

>in other words what do i do with the file to make my circle code work on an
>amiga system?

   CircleMUD for the Amiga comes in an archive acmud220.lha on  The file is archived with lha compression, so you
will need LHA to decompress it.  LHA can be found on any of the
Aminet sites, try either or  On, the Aminet area is in /pub/aminet/ and on wuarchive its
in /systems/amiga/aminet/.

   Once you have decompressed the file, you will have the source, world
files, and a couple of extra utilities for using it on the Amiga
(including a Telnet version that will allow logins from AmigaDOS, which
is how I put it on my BBS).  Binaries are not in the archive, you will
either have to compile them yourself or obtain them from
Jean-Jack M. Riethoven (responsible for the Amiga port).

   I'm currently running CircleMUD on my '030 equipped Amiga 2000, thru
my BBS (running Excelsior BBS software).  I have had 6 players in the
game (I don't have enough lines for a huge game) and its been very fast
and takes only about 2-3 megs of ram.

   Hope this helps you.

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