Re: Question about 3.0
Date: 02/15/94

> 1:)Ras, will you put more immortal levels into 3.0?????????

Scott, please understand that I have a long "todo" list of things to do
for Circle 3.0, and adding more immortal levels is not going to have
priority over things like finishing OLC.

Didn't we exchange mail about this about a week ago?

> 3:)I want to put the immortal levels at about 60 but leave the mortal
> levels at 30 right now will this work haveing the mortal levels 1-30 and
> the immortal levels 60+?

No, I don't think it would work; why would you want to?  The only reason
I can think of is that you want to add 30 more mortal levels later.  If
so, your best bet is to keep immorts at 31 until you add more levels,
then move the immorts.


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