Re: Level addition question

From: Matt Read (
Date: 02/17/94

  There are a LOT of things to change if you are adding extra levels. I don't
know what you've already done, log on to my 50lev circle code if you want
and ask me ( 4000) but from what I can remember the main things
to change are:
	In structs.h the #define LEVEL_IMPL and all the rest needs to be
changed. Here I actually put in a #define NUM_LEVS to make things easier if
I ever changed the number of levs again.
	In constants.c all the titles and exp needed for levels need to be
changed. You could either add however many more you need OR put an equation
for exp needed for level thoughout the rest of the choice.
	In constants.c there are countless tables for things like thac0 etc
which need to be increased in size or converted to formulae. Again it is
your choice about which you do.
	After're best idea is to grep through the entire code for
all instances of the number 36 (or is it 35, whatever) and work out whether it
is a reference to the number of levels in the game or a reference to something
else. This bit takes a small amount of intelligence and quite a lot of work.
Be careful with changing the numbers, the code is easily confused...(no
offense to the writers intended!). Good luck!

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