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Date: 02/24/94

On Tue, 22 Feb 1994, Circle Mud Mailing List wrote:

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> The Kings' Castle area's special procedures take up about 850 lines of
> code -- is it worth it?  Is the area any good?  Should it be kept in, or
> deleted in favor of some new areas (which some of you can hopefully
> provide!).

I think that while its not the best area, it does serve as a good example 
of spec procs, and can always be deleted.  Is there a major necessity to 
have it as a separate file though, or is there a good way to organize the 
grouping of spec_proc code?

> Should pets be allowed to get/carry/use/wield/wear items?

Actually I've removed pets totally, but do allow charmed mobs to take 
orders to get/carry/wear/wield.  Maybe limit wear/wield to humanoid only 
type pets (of which there are none, right?)

> From: Brett C Helgeson <>
> Has anyone ever dumped the socials? I'd rather just use the emote 
> command. Just wondering..

Na, I actually plan to add a bunch.. always kinda liked em myself.  They 
allow a wider variety of stuff that emote doesnt (as emote requires the 
name to start the line).  If you give emote more freedom, it can be 
severly abused.  I cant recall the times I've seen people caught with the 
'emote gives you 50,000 coins.' trick when they go to trade an item or a 
service with another player.

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