Circle 3.0 Release Date

From: Mathue Moyer (mmoyer@sdcc10.UCSD.EDU)
Date: 02/26/94

Ummm... as I've said before, I realize that this is a pretty large
project and you are working on it solely for generosity's sake,
Jeremey.  However, there are a ton of people who are pretty much
stuck idling until 3.0 comes out.  It's great that you are making
certain it is in perfect shape before you release it, and I
certainly am not trying to rush you... but could you please give us
a _definite_ date that we can expect it to be released by?  I'm sure
it's hard to know what kinds of setbacks you might have, but having
release dates come and go without the code showing up is worse than
just having to wait a longer time until it is released.  I guess
what I'm trying to ask is, what is the absolute latest it could
conceivably be ready?
-Mathue Moyer

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