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From: Alexander J Skrabut (
Date: 02/27/94

> From VAMPYR@KSUVM.KSU.EDU Sun Feb 27 18:27:26 1994
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> Date:         Sun, 27 Feb 94 16:19 CST
> Subject:      Spells
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> When circle 3 comes out, Myself, and the other 4 gods for Pandor are going to
> try something (if we find someone who knows code).  We would like to make
> schools of magic.  Ie, if you start as a mage, you pick your school.  Straight
> D&D spells, of the 7 different schools.  Anyone have any tips for doing this?
> Or need a job as a Coder on another mud? :)
Well, what you could do is that if you were a mage, your subclass (a short
integer in the spares fields) would dictate what school you were from. Then,
you'd change the minimum level for casting (one field) to minimum level of
specialist for casting (one field). For example, fireball is a level 15
spell for an invocation/evocationalist.. but, it might be level 20 for some
other schools, etc. You just have to tinker with memory structures and get
what you need.


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