Date: 02/28/94

I am sumped. I've tried all known methods to fix this, and they all aren't
working. (stumped, I mean)...

Ok. I installed an area, an asylum, on our MUD(strangeMUD at 9332)...

I rebooted the game, all's well. I left, thinking I could leave it with another
IMP who also has a vast knowledge of C++ but NOT of the area builing files on
CircleMUD code. 

I had LOOKED at the db.c file, but hadn't touched it. I even downloaded after
the problem(which I'll detail in a moment) came up, but that didn't work 
either, so it isn't a problem with db.c.

The other guy had installed 20 new socials(Cyntax is his MUDname, Trey Morita
his rl name) and had then proceeded to recompile. After the recompilation, 
the areas would not load.

Here's the specifics of the situation:

  There is an area below zone 30(midgaard) called Drow Tunnel. It is 
zone 24. There, of course, is the area below that, the godroom(zone 12).

The game will load these rooms fine, as well as the zone table, the objects,
and the mobs. It will also load hte zone file just fine.

The problem occurs when it tries to reset the zones(as it always does, when
it is loaded up, every game: 

here are the messages I get:
Mon Feb 28 12:11:45 :: Resetting Limbo -- Original (rooms 0-2).
Mon Feb 28 12:11:45 :: Resetting God Rooms (rooms 3-1999).
Mon Feb 28 12:11:45 
:: Resetting Drow Tunnel -- Spectrum (rooms 2000-2487).
Segmentation fault

If I take out Drow Tunnel, it simply crashes at Northern Midgaard(zone

Since the core is dumped, I have run the program "gdb" as the game 
file handler.doc suggests. It helped me glean a little information
(and I am very happy we have it), but I am still baffled: here's the
output from it.

Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
Couldn't read input and local registers from core file
#0  0x4dcf4 in read_obje
t (nr=???, type=???) at db.c:1105
1105       obj_index[i].number++;

a backtrace shows me the same information as the #0 sign.

Could someone shed some light as to what might be wrong?

Because I'm stumped.

Oh, by the way, as to the asylum, it's zone 249, so should have caused
NO problems at all.

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