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From: Peter Acheson (pacheson@gucis.cit.gu.edu.au)
Date: 03/28/94

I wa wondering if any of the following spell templates could be considered
to be added to circle...

 - one to move objs/mobs/pcs.. there is summon/word of recall are the only
   spells so far... I would like to see something added so that you could say
   travel through objects... like say tree travel... (ie for class druid)

- the other one that i can think of at the present time is something that
  affects the way a character behaves... ie... spells like confusion, and
  insanity... I don't know if this will be added but if it is not i will code
  it in anyways...

  Some other mescelleneous stuff:

  - Have a spell gate or of type gate... It opens a portal in between two rooms
    for about 2-3 tics depending on level of pc and anyone can use it who isin
    either of the two rooms... It also costs a phenomenal amount of mana...

  Special procedures for objects:
  - I haven't tried this but wonder if it is coded in anyways... This may be a
    feature that a lot of people may want... Anyways here it is... have objects
    or more specifically weapons that cast spells in battle.. ie have a sword of
    healing making 1d30 or some such damage value but it also casts cure light
    wounds on mobs... an extension of this would be i would like to add a weapon
    that sucks souls, but the effect of this would not be killing mob/player but
    transfering them into the sword and then adding the damage that the mob/pc
    had to the damage of the sword and the mob/pc would be trapped in the sword
    until it turned on it's wielder or was destroyed... ie not a weapon to play
    with... of course mobs/pcs would get their saves against such things...

  adding the element of chance:

  - weather is in the mud but i have never really seen it affect the way a pc or
    mob fights/casts... could something be done here?

  - Another thing is adding the element of chance to combat.. ie i think it
    would make the game of more interesting if you or a mob died all of a sudden
    because of some outside influence... ie a spike sticking out of a wall...
    There is always a chance that something that can instantly kill will be
    sticking out somewhere... but the chances of actually hitting it are really
    low something like 1 in 10000 or so...

Anyways, I think I'm getting off topic and starting to talk about changes that
I wish to implement.. so if I can think of other things that would be more in
the nature of how the mud works.. ie special procedures, spell system or
whatever then I will post them...

thanx for hearing me out,


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