From: Aaron J. Millis (aaron@WPI.EDU)
Date: 08/23/94

Ok ... I had trouble changing the command levels, but thanks to the lists 
help, I was able to find the problem (I was using the wrong compiler . . 

I am wanting to change the mud to 8 levels of wiz (31-38).
I have defined it in the structs.h file, and had no prob changing the 
level of commands and defining new names (ie, CIMP for 37  . .)

However, when I attempted a test and advanced someone level by level up 
to 31 then up to 32, when I reached 34, they were advanced to level 38, 
which was the new imp level (34 being the old imp level)

What did I forget to do?


I am wanting to change the titles received when advanced to this level 
(its silly to have a level 32 (now and imm) called a Demi god . .) and 
have that name changed and recorded on the autowizzed wizlists.

Help would be appreciated, I'm new, but learning :)



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