New 3.0 beta site up!

From: John Neil (
Date: 09/04/94

Hi all.  I've just gotten the new 3.0 beta (patch level 3) system up!  It 
operated  all  weekend without a crash (although my 2.2 didn't...).  I 
thought that I would turn you all loose on  it and  see what you  can 
do.  It just has the stock areas.  I will be willing to  advance those to 
whatever they request.  Just leave  me mail on the system.  I'm a little  
unsure of what  hours I'll be on the system this week.  BTW, the address 
is:  <> (port 4444).  There is a circle 2.2 running 
on the same system at port 4000.  Don't make a mistake on the ports or 
you'll find yourself running the old version!


John Neil                                        e-mail:
Mathematics Department UNIX SysAdmin and Maple Tech. Rep.
Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

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