Circle 2.2 and ANSI

From: G Clayton (
Date: 03/01/95

Hello, I've added ANSI to titles of gods and poofin/out of gods
Its defined in the actual code right now, if it sees the name is mine
it does my special ansi poofin/out and I made a command 'godtitle' and 
if i type that it sets my title to a spiffy ansi one i did up for me or
any other gods i included in there.. anyway
I did the colors as CCWHT(ch, C_CMP) for isntance for the ansi and for 
some reason, those two above things i added still show up in ANSI to people
who do not have color complete on, it even shows up on people's screens
who have no ansi on at all.  Any way I can fix this? 


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