Re: Re: bpl6?

From: Melissa (
Date: 03/02/95

On 2 Mar 1995, Rob wrote:

> > > Heh, you undermine the hack and slash, I guarantee everyone leaves..:)
> > > 
> > Not true, don't listen to him.  
> >
> There is some truth to it.. but not entirely true.. even the most rabid 
> fantasy role player needs a bit of hack and slash from time to time to keep 
> the excitement level up.. but I do prefer the questing type games myself.. of 
> course, in a fit of frustration I have been known to mangle a .mob or two :)
   Actually, I had no intention of _removing_ it. I just plan to have 
alternate methods of gaining exp. For example, a neutral warrior can kill 
anything he/she wishes with impunity. This is not so with paladins, 
certain clerics, and to some degree druids. They may not touch good, same 
pantheon, or animals respectively. So what can they do to keep up? Well, 
a few ideas are pummel (normal combat with no perm. damage), sacrifices 
at a proper time/temple, and whatever else my warped brain can come up 
with :) 
  A consideration though if you will.... Diku is based on D&D. Some muds 
change this to a degree, but the basics _are_ D&D. Now, think back to 
your last game. How much of your time was spent in combat, and how much 
was spent in paranoia, trying to remain alive? Did you enjoy the "Okay 
roll a dice... hit/hit/miss/hit/miss/miss/miss" most, or the exploration 
of areas and finding new unknown items? That is where I am headed...
  The players that would leave are the ones I don't want anyways. I am 
and always have been (since '78) a dungeon master, and I am merely using 
a computer to speed up the more mundane acts of rolling dice and figuring 
up encounters.
                                          Axes high my friends...

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