bug with asciiconv() function in db.c

From: Michael K. Lee (mklee@Sun2.IS.csupomona.edu)
Date: 03/04/95

Hi everyone.  I'm new to this mailing list so I don't know
what has been discussed so far.

I just took a look at patch 6, and I noticed that
in the function asciiconv() in db.c, there seems to be a bug
when comparing to uppercase flags.

I tested it when I used the jedi areas in my version of circle.
For some reason, the flags were kinda screwed up, and since 
jedi used upper case flags at times, I changed the flags
to lower case and it worked.

Then after noticing that 'a' and 'A' are actually 32 apart 
instead of 26, I changed the line of code in asciiconv() in db.c

I believe it should be..

...	else if (isupper (*p))
		flags |= 1 ,, (32 + (*p - 'A');

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Michael K. Lee
(aka Sorbra and Rhys, of Deaths Domain, and formerly of Unknown Mud and
Burning mud).

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