Re: Baaaaaaad bug.

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 03/06/95

> GRRRRRRRRR!  This kinda stuff really ticks me off.  He'll release pl7 
> when he's ready...can you imagine if everyone started asking him when 
> pl7,8,9,10,whatever was going to be released?  Sure, they don't all post 
> to the mailing list, maybe he's getting flooded with questions constantly 
> AND trying to CODE, AND trying to do school work.  How would you like to 
> come to a mailbox full of messages saying "WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE 
> OUT???"?  Give him a break and just wait for him to say 'pl7 is now 
> available', THEN it's out and you can get it.  Asking him is not going to 
> speed the release.
> Sorry, these things just really irritate me and I know how it can be from 
> the author side.

admonishment taken to heart and understood :)  was just curious abou a few
things and all *chuckle*

next time slap me :)

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