Re: unequip/save eq pos (fwd)

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 03/07/95

> > if you are talking about saving the equipment positions, so the char
> > enters the game fully equipped, etc. then you are going to be doing
> > a bit more coding; rewritting of the objsave code...
> > if this is simply 'rent-related' pay no attention.
> > i think rent was the one of the first things to be removed from our sys. :)
> I actually have it rewritten (objsave.c, that is), but I need to track
> down a problem or two...
> -Jeff

if u mean saving objects in containers i feel for your upcoming hardship :)
we just disabled save of containers in containers, normal objs in containers
are fine, tho. perhaps if we get real enthusiastic about it perhaps we'll write
the code fer containers-in-containers an post it or sumtin

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