Problems with circle ver 3.00

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 03/08/95

> I'm going to try being brief about my problems.
> We modified the source so that it can handle up to 93 levels,
> of wich 93 is our implementor status.
> But suddenly we get some error in handler.c saying something like
> Syserror: unknown apply adjust attempt (handler.c, affect_modify).
> Does anyone know why? And how to fix this?
> Also, What the hell does THAC0 exactly mean? I know it stands for
> To Hit Armor Class 0 : But what does your thaco do? Please explain
> to me in more detail...
> Circle Mud Operator of Lost Heros.

thaco is inate bonus to hitroll, read some of the code in fight.c to see it
in action. when you have a 93level system, thats [NUM_CLASSES][NUM_LEVELS]
so it's a real pain. we just eliminated it, butt then again we are moving as
far away from TSR as possible, so...
the unknown apply is from an object most likely - i think :)
you'll have to scan yer log and find out when the object is
being loaded - it'll give an error then also.
then look at the object and make sure it aint using a wacky
apply. (apply is APPLY_HITROLL, etc.)
OR this is a problem with your levels. we dunt got levels, so i dunno :)

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