better editor

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 03/08/95

>   Doesn't anyone else use AEWin? Yeah, I know it's windows only, but it 
> is still a kick arse editor. I haven't looked at MZF, but I have tried 
> dikued, and I personally find AEWIN _much_ better. It does take a while, 
> since the docs really suck, and I ended up deleting my first few attempts 
> trying to save them, but it is so configurable! You can read in almost 
> any format and with 2 clicks, convert it right over to circle! Try it out...

1: AEWIN costs *REAL* money.. something I lack in extreme measures being a
new father and all

2: having been playing with MZF for the last oh.. 36 hours now I'm about 50%
of the way done with a conversion utility that will function in either UNIX
or DOS.  I like MZF but I can tell you this much .. make sure you play with
the .ini file before you do anything else.. alot of the flags and affections
are tweaky.  Also beware that it doesn't do really good line wrapping on
it's own. you have to alot of work to get MZF to work but once you're there
it's a VERY powerful and Friendly World editor.

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