Re: 'MapMaker'

From: Melissa (
Date: 03/08/95

On Wed, 8 Mar 1995, Chris A. Epler wrote:

> Reply-To:
> Someone mentioned a program called 'mapmaker' as an alternative to 
> Cartograph...I forgot who it was, could you tell me where I can get this 
> program?
  That was me. Sorry, I can't remember exactly where I got it, but if you 
feel like hunting... It is in one of the main mud ftp sites, I used 
gopher to get that list, and it also contained cartograph. Try okstate 
first, and then perhaps Those were the two I used most often 
(until I met Circle!) Good luck... 
  Oh, if your patience runs out before your "J" does, let me know and 
I'll send you a copy :)

  And to Mr. Fish, yeah I know AEWin costs, but like I said, it was pre 
registered when I got it :) Ah.. The moral dilemmas...

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