save eq pos? save room?

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 03/09/95

> > ok, so whats the verdict? jeremy?
> > is circle going to save your room, ever?
> > is it ever going to save your eq position? on you body/in your bags?
> Why don't you stop badgering the guy... it's not his job to give you
> daily updates as to the future of his project.
> -Jeff

sheesh, i aint badgerin him.
i am posin a question to the entire list, nut jest jeremy.
i stuck his name in there in an effort to get his opinion, cause he hasn't
given it as far as i no.
the list is fer discussion of circle shit, nut flamage, or badgerin.
i dont need daily updates, have i ever asked for one in the past?
christ i got werk to do too ya no.

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