Ansi codes on the fly

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 03/11/95

ok.. I've tracked my handy little malloc error down to either to a CREATE
call or a write_to_q call.. what I don't understand however is WHY it's
giving me an error.

here is what happens to the string:

it's read in at bootup.. when a char enters the room it's sent to the
process_output function, from there I take t->output and run it through my
color filter.. which takes the & codes (the text used to specify colors) and
replaces them with the appropriate ansi escape sequences.. from there it
gets sent to the descriptor.. however somwhere between the filter and the
descriptor it tweaks.

I've stepped through as best as possible and I'm not sure where it's
segving.. either the realloc in CREATE isn't allocating enough buffer space
for the newly enlarged string or.. ?

anyone have any ideas?


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